Free Professional in Home Consulting, Design & Estimates
Serving Florida from Indian River to Palm Beach Counties

(772) 562-7000
755 Eighth Court #2
Vero Beach, FL 32962 USA


Free Professional in Home Consulting, Design & Estimates
Serving Florida from Indian River to Palm Beach Counties

(772) 562-7000
755 Eighth Court #2
Vero Beach, FL 32962 USA



Existing Homes - New Construction - Contractors - Interior Designers - Storage & Shelving - Do-It-Yourselfers


Only the finest materials
Very competitive prices
All surfaces stain and scratch resistant
Adjustable and fixed systems
Prompt & courteous service
Clean & professional installations

We Build Neat Stuff For Your Home

A Closet Enterprise is committed to advancing the state of the art in the design, manufacture and utilization of custom fit shelving, closets and cabinetry, by integrating its construction, renovation and engineering technologies to satisfy the product and service requirements of its customers.
Company Values

A commitment to family and community
A competitive local presence
A dedication to high ethical standards, integrity and honesty
An obsession with product quality and customer service
A commitment to total customer satisfaction
Partnerships with customers and suppliers
The pursuit of continuous quality improvement
Continuous training and development for all employees
Employee creativity, innovation, initiative and involvement
Informality and openness in the workplace
Pride in our company history and accomplishments

Fundamental Business Principles

Integrity and honesty in all business relationships
Long-term mutually beneficial business partnerships
100% total customer satisfaction
A company closeness to the customer
Innovative product and service development
Products and service that meet or exceed customer expectations
Continuous quality and value improvement in products and service

With Our Employees

A safe work environment
Effective communications with all employees
Continual opportunity for training and career growth
Employee participation in decision-making activities
Recognition and reward for team and individual contributions

For Our Company

Profitable growth objectives
Proactive in health, safety and environmental issues
A positive and active presence in our communities

C L O S E T: Customers Love Our Service Experts Team

CLOSET - symbolizes the custom quality-driven process implemented at the A Closet Enterprise. Through the realization of these words, A C E has the tools to continuously enhance customer service, improve the quality of our products and manufacturing productivity. A Closet Enterprise employees have a voice in our company's success, a genuine feeling of participation and deep personal commitment to a job well done. Expert customer service is one reason for our enviable reputation for retaining and expanding our enterprise.

A Heritage of Quality and Performance:

A Closet Enterprise is a performance-based organization that believes its success is due to the quality and performance of products offered, superior customer service and cost-effective solutions to problems in the marketplace. Equally as important, we believe success comes from standing behind every inch of storage made, assuring total customer satisfaction. A unique blend of quality and performance from the moment the order is placed until long after the final fabrication and installation.

Qualified Personnel:

A Closet Enterprise is proud of its associates, who are vital to our success. By design, each individual is positioned to make a substantial contribution to the operation and success of the company, able to make an impact by contributing talent, skills, education and his or her personal commitment. Leadership within the our organization represents the very best in the industry, with technical experience and skills that make a huge impact on all areas, from administration, sales and product development to important efficiencies and cost controls in the production processes.

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